U.S. in a Global Context Activities

puzzleActivities to use with your students will be posted as they are created by teachers.  If you would like to contribute to the project, contact Craig Perrier at craigperrier19@gmail.com to discuss possibilities.



*Activities for the Module “The Arab Spring: Democracy, Globalization, and US International Relations” can be found here.


*High School – Meeting of the Minds: A Global Discussion on US History

  • Contributor:  John Struck, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology – (Virginia)  Contact: jrstruck.apush@gmail.com
  • Description: Meeting of the Minds: Global Voices in US History 
    • The “meeting of the minds” approach has students role play a historical figure.  In these versions I have included international characters as part of the role play scenario.  This broadens students’ understanding of an “American” event or time period and complicates the traditional narrative by adding perspectives from around the globe. 

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