Interactive Visuals

question-mark-exclamation-mark-earth-white-background-54884554The visuals included in the U.S. History in a Global Context are created using a variety of tools or are linked online. One of those tools is Thinglink, “an interactive media platform that empowers  educators to create more engaging content… ThingLink interactive images help students develop 21st century skills and enrich their enthusiasm for learning.”

Our interactive visuals are organized by their main approach to teaching U.S. History in a Global Context.  Each item includes (in parentheses) the title of traditional U.S. survey course unit(s) the image is most suited for.  More information on the approaches to teaching and “How to…” can be found here.

1) Comparative Approach:


2) Transnational Approach:

3) Non-US Perspective about “US” Events Approach:  .

4) Thematic Approach: 

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