Globalizing U.S. History Resource Library

check-mark-globeThis list  provides a variety of resources that will support your content knowledge, explain theory and practice, inspire discussion, and guide your instructional practices  concerning Globalizing U.S. History.  The page is structured chronologically and will be updated  periodically.

Please note that a global approach to U.S. history is not a new approach. However, with the advent of a globalized world, scholarship and resources on the perspective have exploded since the start of the 21st century.  Enjoy!

A = Article       B= Book     P = Podcast   V = Video

Type Year Resource Information
A 1929 James Harvey Robinson, AHA President, speech at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting






Walter Huggins, American History in Comparative Perspective

Martha Nussbaum, “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism” 

Kwame Anthony Appiah, “Cosmopolitan Patriots”

A 1979 Laurence Veysey,  The Autonomy of American History Reconsidered
A 1999 David Thelen, The Nation and Beyond: Transnational Perspectives on United States History
A 2000 Thomas Bender et al,  The La Pietra Report
B 2000 David Russo, American History from a Global Perspective
B 2000 Daniel Rodgers, Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Era
B 2002 Owens et al, Riches for All: The California Gold Rush and the World
A 2005 Various Authors, OAH-AP Collaboration: America on the World Stage
B 2005 Gould and Onuf, Empire and Nation: The American Revolution in the Atlantic World
A 2006 American Historical Review (AHR) Conversation: On Transnational History 
V 2006 London School of Economics – The Global Cold War by Odd Arne Westad
A 2006 Carl Guarneri, Globalizing the United States History Survey: Approaches and Issues A Comment
B 2006 Thomas Bender, A Nation Among Nations
V 2006 CSPAN, Book Discussion  – Thomas Bender’s A Nation Among Nations
B 2006 Lindaman and Ward, History Lessons: How Textbooks from Around the World Portray U.S. History
B 2007 Carl Guarneri, America in the World: US History in a Global Context
B 2007 Charles Maier, Among Empires: American Ascendancy and its Predecessors
B 2007 Jeremi Suri, The Global Revolutions of 1968
B 2007 Odd Arne Westad, The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times
B 2007 Ian Tyrrell, Transnational Nation: US History in Global Perspective Since 1789
A 2008 Longview Foundation, Teacher Preparation for the Global Age: The Imperative for Change
B 2008 David Armitage, The Declaration of Independence: A Global History
A 2009 Ian Tyrrell, Reflections on the Transnational Turn in United States History: Theory and Practice
A 2009 Marcus Graser, World History in a Nation-State: The Transnational Disposition in Historical Writing in the United States
B 2009 Carl Guarneri, Teaching American History in a Global Context
P 2010 Journal of American History, Teaching US History Abroad
A 2010 Wolf Schafer, Reconfiguring Areas Studies for the Global Age
B 2011 Asia Society, Educating for Global Competence
A 2012 Andrew Kuech, A Survey of World History Studies: Theory, Methodology and Networks
A 2012 NAFSA, Preparing Globally Competent Teachers
B 2012 Peskin and Wehrle, America and the World: Culture Commerce Conflict
P 2013 Back Story, City Upon a Hill: A History of American Exceptionalism
V 2013 Woodrow Wilson Center – Is American History Exceptional? A Global Perspective
A 2014 Asia Society, History and Social Studies are Global Competencies
V 2014 Society of Cincinnati – An Empire Divided: American Revolution and the British Caribbean (2 options below)

Presentation    or   Book Talk

A 2014 Kenneth Pomeranz, 128th AHA Presidential Address
B 2014 Don Doyle, The Cause of All Nations: An International History of the American Civil War
V 2015 CSPAN – Global Perspectives on the American Civil War
A 2015 Deconstructing ‘Uncle Tom’ Abroad: The Case of an American President by Ana Stevenson
P 2015 From Historically Thinking  3 podcasts on History, Historical Thinking, and Global Citizenship

a)     Episode 26 – Peter Sterns on World History

b)     Episode 27 – Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Historical Thinking

c)      Episode 39 – What History Means and How to Think It.

B 2016 Human and Citizens Rights in a Globalized World (2016) by Magdalena Gawin Barbara, Markiewicz Agnieszka, and Nogal Rafał Wonicki
 A  2016  “Placing the American Revolution in a Global Perspective” by Steven Pincus.
 V  2016  Dr. Maria Montoya introducing the new textbook, Global Americans.
 V  2016  Introducing the authors of the textbook Great Americans.
 A  2017  How US History is Taught Around the World

     A                         2019                          “The New Americanism: Why a Nation needs a National Story”

     A                         2019                           Book Review – “How to Hide an Empire”

P                         2019                           Throughline: NPR Podcast (Various topics typically from a global context)

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